Josh Roy

Yo Dawg I Herd You Like Trianglez is a unfolding pyramid that is capable of filling an entire room with lighting effects, one of the integral parts of any good party. The pyramid is made solely using triangles and pyramids, hence the name. 

The pyramid is made of three main components: the outer pyramid, the inner pyramid, and the lighting pyramids. 

In addition to being used as a container for all of the other components, the outer pyramid has ultraviolet acrylic panels that glow. Each of the sides contains one UV acrylic panel as well as one UV LED strip to illuminate the panel.

Each of the sides can also unfold to expose the inner pyramid as well as the lighting pyramids. The base of the outer pyramid is raised about five inches off the ground through the use of four pyramidal feet. This allows the glowing sides of the outer pyramid to be viewed from the side, since they are still at an angle when unfolded. 

The inner pyramid acts as a casing for the arduino and all of the electronics, but also provides light and has a head that can move up and down. This pyramid is made of white plastic which glows when the internal LED strips are lit. In addition, the pyramid has a head that can be raised and lowered. Both the LEDs and the head can be timed to music to create an interesting lighting fixture.

There are also four smaller lighting pyramids aboard this structure. They are placed at each of the inside corners of the outer pyramid. Each pyramid projects triangle shaped patches of light around the surroundings of this project. Each pyramid has an internal LED strip as well as a piece of plastic, similar to the plastic in a kaleidoscope. The light from the LEDs is fragmented by the plastic and projected in the shape of triangles. 

Since the lighting pyramids are mounted on servos, they can spin in time to music and move their projections. When the outer pyramid is closed, spinning the lighting pyramids causes the sides of the outer pyramid to unfold.