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The main idea of our product is to allow kids with and without cerebral palsy to be able to engage with blocks in an educational and enjoyable way. Having magnetic blocks makes the structures more stable which gives them a greater sense of comfort and ability. In addition, the magnet tray permits the kids to play with the blocks in their laps or at a table which is useful for kids in and out of wheelchairs.

We are trying to make playing blocks that kids with cerebral palsy can play with ease. This is beneficial because most current playing blocks are difficult for kids with cerebral palsy to play with due to size, shapes, complexity, etc.

This project is important because it will allow kids with cerebral palsy to play with blocks at ease. They allow kids to grasp onto the blocks without dropping them, and the magnetic aspect of the blocks make it easier for the kids to create a more stable structure. In addition to the fun aspect of the blocks, the blocks teach the kids basic geometry skills and problem solving skills.