Day 4 mini robot

Sam Rae Chu

Today we did 90% of the software. We got the robot to move with the leap motion, but the motors went very slowly. The only pieces of software we did not get working yet were the servos, we have to get the servos for the laser and the servos for the camera. We also made a mount for the laser servos because it will have to raise above the camera for it to point at anything. Today we also edited the Max software which was fit to go to servos not to motors, so we had to edit that. By the end of the day we got it up and working with the software.


Tomorrow will be a very very hard working morning. We only have until 12:45 to complete everything, all of the rest of the robot. Although we do not have a lot to do, we still have to touch everything up and make sure that our mini robot is perfect for our presentation. I hope we can finish it in time.