Nuradin Bhatti

We started out with a box that functioned as a computer holder. Although this worked as a place to store your computer, it didn't add significant value to what's already available. Inspired by the GoPro case, we made a new kind of box that had greater use.  It was a solid brick that had holes to hold your things, like your electronics and other things meant for work.

There were several improvements that we made such as changing the arrangement of the item holders and adjusting the length of the case in order to fit in Sayed's bag. We included a food tray to fit beneath  the case so that when Sayed is done with his work he can store the case in his bag and have some tea.  Carlos made the food tray, and I made clips to attach the case to the tray. Although the design worked for the tray and the case to connect together, what didn't work was that the case looked weird when it wasn't flat because of the original clip design. The clips stuck out. In order to fix this, we put hinges on the clips so that they can be flat with the tray. We tested the function of the clips by using a pad to represent a corner of the case, and then we put the holder case prototype on the tray.  The design concept has come a long way, however, it still needs some work because Sayed's laptop doesn't fit in the case.  It won't take so long to fix.