Kaia McCaffrey and Jack Cragg
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Kaia's Final Brief - The Anapulsion is a second skin base that helps anacondas swim faster. The device includes many small bellows that will propel water, also helping the anaconda glide through rough waters. 

The Anapulsion helps an anaconda move through the deep waters of Boston in a smooth, fast, and silent way. The base of The Anapulsion consists of many small parts that are attached together to create a mechanism that will ‘slither’ with the anaconda as it swims. The small parts are attached with small attachments that make the mechanism very flexible. This base will act as a second skin to the snake. Attached to the base will be pockets that propel the anaconda forward using jet propulsion. The pockets will be filled with water as the snake swims forward. The anaconda utilizes the concertina method which activates the mechanism that uses jet propulsion. The Anapulsion is directed towards anacondas but can be used by all snakes. When crossing large bodies of water, or when they need to move faster.