Gorilla Hut

Uliana Dukach and Siena Jekel
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Sienas Brief

The Gorilla Hut is a restful location for gorillas to calm down and be ready to face the day. Gorillas struggle with high-stress levels, in fact, Western Lowland Gorillas are known to be one of the most stressed subspecies of gorillas.

Western Lowland Gorillas are known to experience high stress and are critically endangered. They get stressed when the weather is unstable when there are predators hunting them when they don’t have time to sleep, when there is no healthy and fibrous food, and dehabitation. The Gorilla Hut has a wooden frame surrounded by flexible rope, the rope is added because gorillas main sleeping positions are leaning on a tree and lying down on the ground. There is also a mattress that fits into the base of the habitat. Since precipitation is stressful for gorillas, the frame is surrounded by waterproof fabric. The habitat is half-open so that the gorillas can breathe fresh air and be relaxed. The gorillas usually sleep in a circular nest, so this habitat has a circular base that is 5ft in diameter, and the habitat is 5ft tall. This is useful to a gorilla because it gives them a safe space to relax.

Uliana's Brief

The Gorilla Hut is a permanent space for Western Lowland Gorillas to set up a nest and relax in. This species of gorillas are known to experience high-stress levels.

Western Lowland Gorillas are stressed when in their natural habitat because of rapidly changing weather, or predators such as leopards hunting them. They also experience stress from lack of rest and habitat destruction. On the other hand gorillas in captivity also experience stress, and can even form scar tissue on their hearts from lack of proper fibrous food.

The Gorilla Hut is a tensile structure using a cave-like frame and strings to create a solid form. The structure is covered in waterproof fabric, an ideal covering for the Gorilla Hut to protect them from the weather, which is a stress trigger. Gorillas need to sleep at least twelve hours a day, so to ensure comfort and a good night's sleep The Gorilla Hut's floor is made out of fabric-covered foam. Overall, The Gorilla Hut is a safe tensile structure for gorillas to be able to recharge and get ready for another day full of danger.