Rocking Bench (Past NuVu Project)

Anna Kraft
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This is a bench made using the idea of pet and human interaction. They are made so that your pet can be below you who you are laying on a bench, and if they run through it can rock.


I have three dogs and two cats. I tried to think of ways that i could accommodate a pet with me,  also using my love for interior design. Designing furniture is a passion of mine and I thought I should push myself to create something useful. After many days of brainstorming and help from coaches, I came up with the idea of this bench. Instead of having a lonely bench, and having your dog/cat or other pet on top of you, they can be below.

This helps people who have many animals and sometimes need space from them, or people who want useful furniture.  

    I used wood to create this and also the idea of lodging together. Since there are two benches, I wanted someone to be able to use this in different ways, so the idea of locking them in different positions together came to mind.