Jakob Sperry
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"Biking in the city"  is a radio package about bicycle safety in the city. Using interview from a traffic engineer, experienced city biker, and Cambridge bike safety volunteer, it highlights the challenges in creating a safe, convenient and consistent infrastructure for bikers. Biking in any city is dangerous for many reasons. People on bikes tend to blame cars and drivers for this danger, and people in cars blame bikers. This project sets out to explore why biking is so dangerous.  The podcast uses interviews from a traffic engineer, a cyclist, and a bike safety expert to find answers. Beginning to understand the challenges of creating safe roads could provide a new perspective in efforts to bridge the gap between drivers and bikers. Through interviews, this story seeks to understand why bikers break certain laws and how these actions impact themselves and drivers. The ultimate goal is for drivers and bikers to commute in a safer and more understanding way. This project is made in Adobe Audition, using interviews, sounds, and music.