Slider Design

Saeed Arida

The table allows for the manipulation of two phrases of the piece, each phrase with eight events. Each event is a 3D printed slider which sits in a modified c-channel which corresponds to either a note or chord. On the wall of the c-channel is a strip of paper with a gradient from grey to black. Each slider contains a sensor which measures the reflectiveness of a surface; by this method, each slider can return its exact position along the track. The sensors in each track are wired to an Arduino Mega, and both Megas are plugged into a Mac Mini. The Arduinos execute code which records the position of the sliders along the track and then sends them via serial communication to a Processing sketch on the Mac Mini. The Processing sketch uses the position data to create note on and note off commands at different times for the events in the phrase. The Processing sketch utilizes a MIDI library in order to create the piano sounds.