Stickers and posters

Stickers and posters

Kenzie Morris
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For today we started to develop posters and stickers. We tried different iterations and saw what was the best for us. In addition, we finalized statistics for each poster and captions for each poster. Then on the main poster with all the fruits, we did a general caption and broad statistic to tie all the produce together. In addition, we created a general template that we could use for our posters. The format is to have the logo not stacked and have the fruit below. Then also, below the fruit, we have a statistic and then the tagline. The tagline is in bold and caps to bring your eyes to it. Also, we tried to use the color jumping to associate colors with each other. We also adjusted the fruits using photoshop to associate colors with one another.

Poster Captions:

"Am I zesty enough for you?"

"Who you calling ugly... I'm hot"

"I'm berry delicious." 

"I'm grape...How about you?"


-An estimated six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year in the U.S. (

-. About 95% of that wasted food, 38 million tons in 2014, ends up in landfills or incinerators, where it produces methane, a gas that is one of the most potent contributors to climate change.(.