More prototypes

Kenzie Morris
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For today I worked on a clear prototype representing how 50% of the produce is thrown away just to get this one apple. We also talked about how there could be a series of bins and every bin has fewer apples as a result of the process of waste and the food cycle. This visual could still be used as a mobile visual for a cart. The goal is to show how much food is wasted from the process. We also need to make it more interactive somehow so that the audience can either see it or experience it. Another prototype I will work on is utilizing multiple bins to create the journey of the produce. My group also worked on the logo which was an apple the was chewed and looked like continents.This would show the funky fruit, the eaten apple and portray our main message to all. Another goal would be figuring out how to mobilize this cart. In the clear box, we could also use paper mache or even sculpt fruit out of clay the reason we couldn't use real fruit is that it would rot and eventually smell bad. I was looking for ways to take food scrapes and make them so they would not rot.