Ryan Dorian and Joseph Cybul
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A casting device that attaches to a wheelchair and helps people with low motor skills to cast again.

We created a device that will help people fish again, this device will attach to a wheel chair and with simple motions will allow people to cast. The main consumer of our product will be people who loved to fish and for medical reasons cant do it any more. One of the things most disable people want to do, is to become as autonomous as they can get, and with this project we are trying to make fishing a activity they can do by them selves.

To make this project possible we design a compact model/base that we later on laser cut our of wood, this piece will essentially have an elevated structure on the far ends with a whole in the top where we glued a ball bearing, trough that bearing an aluminum rod will spin, after that we 3D printed a piece that has space for the aluminum rod to go thought and set screw holes to fix it in to rod, and on the Y axis we have a cylindrical piece that holds the fishing rod. on each side of the joint piece we have a piece that also has space for the rod to go trough but this time they have an other rod that goes up and attaches to a piece that releases the line when we need to, and on the other side those pieces have springs to be able to push that button that releases the line and also to push the rod and make the casting motion, for this project we mainly used 3D printed parts and laser cut pieces.