Day 4

Keziah Hoyt

Today Libby and I finished up the box for the lightboard prototype. After cutting the wood part of it and trying to put it together we thought one piece's notches were off but after reprinting that piece we realized that we had originally put the box together wrong and the first piece we cut actually was right. We also realized after cutting initially that we had drawn the acrylic wrong on rhino and made it from the inside of the box and not the outside corners. Luckily we realized this before cutting the acrylic. Once we cut the acrylic we realized that when we redrew it we forgot to add holes for the potentiometers, so we went back to the laser cutter and drew 2 holes and moved the acrylic so they would be cut in the general areas we wanted them in. Then, we put the lights and wiring on the box and began to put it together. Tomorrow we will start our final product.