The finale of the Balloon Studio

Saba Ghole
Yesterday we had our final review for the Balloon Studio.

First Day of Interactive Music studio

Saba Ghole
Today we started our interactive music studio which is taught by

Eric showed how to record/edit music using

Julian and Nicky knocking at the window.

Jake and Dialo recording the interesting voices their music teacher is making

Jake and Dialo are starting to edit their music in GarageBand. Tomorrow morning we will be reviewing/sharing what the students created.

Scratch Day

Saba Ghole
Eric started the day by showing a little bit about Scratch and the PicoBoard. The students were asked to design musical instruments which they could interact with using their body.

After that, students jumped to the table to prototype their ideas.

Here is Nicky and Eric celebrating after figuring out how to connect the resistors

Harrison testing his design

Julian and Hayley presenting their project

Vanessa and Diallo

Drawdio at the Media Lab

Saba Ghole
We spent the day at the new Media Lab playing with the drawdio kit which was designed by Jay Silver, a PhD student at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the ML. The movie below was created by Nobuyuki Ueda who is a visiting professor at the ML.

Playing with dry ice

Saba Ghole
To boost our energy, we bought some dry ice to play with.

After playing around, we decided to do an art project with the dry ice. We mixed some yellow paint with the water and added the dry ice. Unfortunately, the bottle was too strong and did not explode. we will do more experiments tomorrow.

Work Keeps going on the RC plane

Saba Ghole
Hayley and Jeff have been working on the RC plane for the past 5 days. We should have it running tomorrow.

More rigs

Saba Ghole

We spent the day designing rigs for our second shoot. We were hoping to take sky pictures of the Tea Party rally in Boston Commons but we did not finish designing/making our rigs on time. Students used mostly foam and tape to make their rigs. We will be testing tomorrow morning.

Work keeps going on final projects

Saba Ghole
Diallo and Chris working on their project. After failing to install their project in two different rooms because maintenance did not approve, they decided to install the project in our studio room.

Here is Nicky and David calibrating their vision system. They really struggled to get their vision fast enough so it can detect a flying paper airplane. Rather than using the built-in video camera, they got a fast webcam with better drivers. Currently the system is able to process 25 frames/second.

Here is Jake, Luke, and Henry getting help from Eric with some Processing stuff. The guys did an amazing job getting their system working. They also ripped off the whole chair to setup their LED's on top.

Vanessa and Hayley are painting their city backdrop. They spent a long time figuring out all the details of the cityscape.

Final Review for Interactive Music Studio

Saba Ghole
We had a great finale for the interactive music studio. A few people from MIT media Lab and Beaver school joined us for the review. Here are some images that show how much fun everybody was having!

Brainstorming for final projects

Saba Ghole
Today students started working on their final projects. You can check each student's page