Boston Fashion Week

Boston Fashion Week

Juliette Noone

This year we had a studio that partnered with Boston Fashion Week. We presented innovative wearables at the Science and Technology Edition of Boston Fashion Week taking place at Cambridge Science Festival. The students designed and revitalized past designs to walk the runway. 

Future of a Good Day was designed by Aveen N. It is a colorful tunic that recalls ’60s geometry with a mid-80s palate.

Exploding Shoulder was designed by Jacob C. and Ethan D. and reimagined by Trevor M. and Noelle A. A colorful frenzy inspired by Felipe Otiz’ Mural in Central Square.

Gateway to Spring was designed by Roisin M., Madelin N., and Natalie H. and reimagined by Lalita B. It is a cluster of lit-up petals.

Utopian Archetype was designed by Ethan D. and reinterpreted by Aveen N. This Breezy kimono-inspired garment is made of a woven polyblend painted like the color of a late summer sky.

Cocoon was designed by Kate R. and revitalized by Kody W. and Finn M. It is a collection of mirrored acrylic triangles.