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  • Do you love Fashion and technology? Have you dreamed of re-inventing Fashion to be more than just clothes on a runway? This future is near, with new fabrics becoming active, interactive, and completely customizable with new technology. Clothing now alters its color, shape, and texture based on external stimuli such as light, heat, and sound. The fashion-tech revolution is teaming up designers, engineers, programmers, and fashion gurus to think and imagine like never before and create conceptually unique and visually dazzling pieces. In this studio, students will use their imaginations combined with fabrication techniques to create clothing of the future.

    Students will learn the basics of sewing and soft goods fabrication techniques, as well as 3D printing, laser cutting and mechanical connection principles in order to create wearable art. Students will have the opportunity to  incorporate unique materials, complex patterns, and robotics-based designs throughout the two week course. Are you ready to launch the Fashion-tech industry into the future?


    Focus skills/subjects/technologies:

       Fashion Design

       Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

       Computer Programming



       2D and 3D Modeling

       Adobe Illustrator

       Robotics (Arduino)







Summer 2020