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  • As robotics is becoming more accessible, some modern robots are used for entertainment purposes, and as a demonstration of new technologies. In this studio, students will be introduced to the basics of robotics, come up with creative robot designs, and build robots from scratch. Key skills that students will acquire include CAD modeling, machining, electronics, computer programming, among many others. Students will also learn about actuation, sensing, manipulation, locomotion, and controls. While the studio’s name calls for making ‘dancing’ robots, students are free to make with any design they can dream up. It could be a humanoid robot, or have a completely unorthodox shape or size. Students will also design the robot’s dancing routines, and will build the hardware and the software necessary to carry out the specific motion autonomously, or through remote controllers.

    Focus skills/subjects/technologies:

    • Physics (electricity and magnetism)
    • Engineering
    • Programming
    • Electronics
    • Robotics
    • Design
    • 3d Modeling/3d Printing/Laser Cutting
    • Arduino (robotics controller language)

    21st-century academic and life skills:

    • Collaboration and collaborative problem-solving
    • Working in an entirely project-based environment
    • Learning cutting-edge technical skills using current and new technologies and tools
    • Working in a multi-age environment with peers and adults
    • Working with open-ended problems in a multidisciplinary, results-focused environment

    Traditional intellectual and academic skills:

    • Research
    • Oral communication and presentation
    • Quantitative reasoning and analysis
    • Visual and digital art-making
    • Scientific reasoning and analysis