• The Mighty, an online platform that publises stories of people facing real challenges, including serious health conditions, published a video on our collaboration with Heidi Latsky Dance and On Display Global for the International Day of Persons with Disabilites.

    Watch the video:

  • One of our big partner schools in our NuVuX initiative, All Saints Academy (ASA) in Florida, held its Fall Demo Day this December. Around 230 ASA high school students who are participating in the "NuVu Innovation Studio" lead by our Coaches and ASA Teachers presented their projects to an eager audience. The two hour Demo Day event brought together students, educators, families, and industry leaders from around Florida. Over 90 projects were showcased and spanned new wearables, augmented educational games, aquaponics, prosthetics, and sports products.

  • As part of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, NYU Tisch School of the Arts hosted On Display Global: Impact through installations on December 2nd and 3rd in New York City. On Display is an installation by renowned choreographer Heidi Latsky that serves as a deconstructed art exhibit/fashion show - a commentary on the body as spectacle and society’s obsession with body image.

    Working in collaboration with Heidi Latsky, NuVu students designed wearables for four of her performers for On Display Global. On Display uses fashion as a tool of social justice aiming to celebrate the beauty of difference. Each performer has a disability and teams of NuVu students worked closely with each of the performers to design individualized wearables that highlight a passion, experience or personality trait.

    More info on the Juxtapose studio here. Projects included:
    Morphing Scales by Eli Krieger, Alana Press
    Unraveling Tutu by Aidan Geary, Mason Vega
    Jerronimo by Acacia Plesch, Ben Cohen, Ariana DeFranc, Grace Cassels
    Peter’s Chestplate by Dylan Norris, Joseph Cybul

  • Our Summer 2017 Program launched today! Our theme is HUMAN++ and we'll be exploring the future of human-machine intelligence. We're offering 18 unique studios, including Hacking Drones, Bio Fashion, Augmented Video Games, Aerial Filmmaking, Smart Tools, Soft Robotics and more! The program is open to students ages 11-18. Registration is now OPEN!

    More info at:

  • MIT's Alumni Association featured NuVu in their latest piece titled "NuVu Studio Breaks the 'Classroom' Model" in their Slice of MIT online magazine. Check out the article and film at

  • NuVu students are working with Donna Duggan Edwards at the Perkins School for the Blind on creating devices to help students practice inserting their ocular prosthetics. The studio got off to an exciting start with a field trip to Perkins. We were greeted by Donna and Kevin Hartigan, one of Perkins' tour guides. Our tour focused on the innovations that Perkins has introduced toward education for students with visual impairments. We were shown a sample of Helen Keller's handwriting, and various innovative writing guides. We ran around the indoor track with blindfolds as a way of experiencing the great possibilities that exist for people with vision impairment. The Tactile Museum at Perkins had an incredible assortment of touchable specimens, from taxidermied geese to a full scale bust of Mozart. The students were very impressed with the Assistive Device Center which fabricates an enormous range of devices for people across New England. These devices are sturdy, innovative and made out of a special cardboard.

    Jim Denham, the Assistive Technology Coordinator, showed students the range of devices that have enabled independence for people with vision impairments. One of the coolest devices was a refreshable braille device which allowed for text to be translated live into braille. We next visited Donna's classroom which is housed in the basement of Perkins to allow her to have full control over the lighting. This control is important because she tries as much as possible to mimic an eye doctor's office to help her students get ready for appointments. A visit to the doctor's office can be a scary experience and Donna's work helps prepare students through activities that simulate the procedures performed by an eye doctor. We observed Donna working with a wonderful 12 year old who is preparing to get a scleral shell.

    This week, NuVu students are hard at work on their first prototypes. Their project ideas include a bunny that a kid can use to practice fine motor skills, an interactive giraffe, and a game that helps kids to practice opening an eye and inserting a prosthetic.

  • TechHive, a media outlet that covers news and reviews of the latest connected home innovations, recently featured our students' Smile Shade. Micah Reid, Ethan Wood, Andy Kreiss and Maia Levitt created this product to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a mood disorder in which people’s mood is negatively affected by the environment, specifically in areas where there is a seasonal lack of sunlight.

    You can read the full TechHive article here:

    Snapmunk also picked up the story and product of the students' invention. Check out the Snapmunk piece here:

  • 214 Students
    100 Projects
    37 NuVu Team Members

    The energy is high and students are putting the finishing touches on their final prototypes. It's been an incredible 6 weeks of creating and making, and we're approaching the home stretch. What an incredible Summer it's been! 214 students from around the US and around the world came to Cambridge to take part in our NuBots Summer 2016 Program. They created Medicalbots to help with patient therapy, built Foodbots to serve people freshly brewed coffee, engineered Flyingbots to transport small items, produced short animated films on robot love and heartbreak, and created spectacular Battlebots that traversed across rough terrain! Over the course of 6 weeks, students produced 100 unique projects!!! And we couldn't have done it without our wonderful Summer NuVu Team of 37 designers, engineers, roboticists, programmers, fashion designers, animators, architects, and makers! Thank you all for a spectacular Summer!

  • Today we had our first Summer Falafel Day! Working in collaboration with Tarboosh, a wonderful mediterranean restaurant in Allston, MA, we produced our famous doughnut-shaped O'Falafel for the students and staff and had a grand feast! Despite the hot and humid weather outside, there were plenty of smiles and satiated bellies!

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