Tuesday Brainstorming

David Wang

So many

Emily Glass

Flying Bots Brainstorming

  • vintage old style fighter jet w/ airforce decals
    • plane with ducted fan (custom super fast propellor) to increase speed
  • non lethal offensive mechanism
    • drops pepper spray bombs
  • plane that looks like a dragon DRAGON FLY…. hahaha
  • amphibeous flying tank (beefy and tough)
    • treads
    • iphone mount for video
    • super durable
  • Glider w/ a built in propellor that can glide indefinitely
  • flying shark— Sharknado
  • flying suction cup walker plane like disney spider vehicle
  • flying spider
  • plane that splits and can become 2 planes
  • typing plane
  • plane that feeds you
  • remote control frisbee
  • remote control remote control helicopter
  • assist plane for extreme backcountry sports
  • Golden Snitch w/o 16 cameras
  • flying fan w/ baby fans that can deploy to cool you off (with spritzer)
  • disco plane (with music and lights)
  • Mission Impossible Plane
    • plane w/ glass cutter
  • plane that sweeps the floor— flying broomstick
    • could also be a vacuum
  • mini spy copter that sticks onto the wall— fly on the wall— eyeSpy
    • suction cups
    • audio recording
    • video recording
  • package delivery plane w/ parachutes
    • how is the package held onto the plane?
    • is there something that people order regularly that this drone is designed for
    • interchangeable pick up mechanism?
  • water gun plane
  • bubble plane

Monday Brainstorming

David Wang

coastgaurd hydrofoil/plane hybrid

Aveen Nagpal

Advantages to a normal boat/plane hybrid

- closer to the water than helicopters for cost guard rescues 

- for a military application it could travel long distances faster in the air and then drop down to the water for slower stealth applicationsfaster than traditional boats in the water

-  less imprint on the wildlife in the water 

- could possibly be electric using carbon fiber as to lessen the environmental impact

- the electric it is the silenter it is for use as a consumer luxury plane/boat