Tonight's Homework

Ashley Newton

Blog about the problems you encountered today within your project -- how have you solved or are in the process of solving them?


What are your plans for tomorrow and what do you hope to accomplish?


Include pictures that are useful / illustrative of what you worked on, etc.

Tuesday Updates / Micro Goals For Assembly

Ashley Newton


  • Overall structure:
    • Brackets printed
    • Remodeling box to have holes for brackets
    • Hinges
  • Discoball (Abby)
    • Test pully system
    • Figure out where lights going, which lights using, how attaching/providing fluorescent markers
    • Figure out where mounting light pointing at disco ball, where mounting black lights on outside
  • Sound (Evan)
    • Figure  out where speakers going/etc
    • Arms
    • Need to redesign some to fix spacing
    • Then laser cut a bunch of parts
    • How attaching platform
    • Figure out actual mechanics/what motors using/etc.


SnackCraftic Box

  • Overall design
    • Cut out rest of parts for table
    • Recut box so right scale
    • Figure out cushioning
  • Laser holders
    • Should be done 10 to print
    • Figure out how and where the laser pointers are going on the box
    • Then do LEDs - where attaching on box if at all?
  • Party favors
    • Almost done redesigning battery/LED/fiber optic holder

Yo Dawg I Herd You Like Trianglez:

  • Large Triangle:
    • Large triangle is almost assembled
    • Have figured out hinges but requires over 50lbs of force to lift off ground
    • Need to design holder for motor that pulls large triangle sides closed
    • Need to figure out poker/servo design
    • Cut final sides out
    • Make triangle stands larger
    • Print mist holder
    • Determine where projection triangles going and how attaching
  • Small triangle
    • Make hole in bottom for motor
    • Holes in side for strings to go through
    • Bracket holder
    • Laser cut wedges for panels of triangle -- figure out how wood + white HDPE designed for triangle; make brackets -- potentially bendable plastic
    • Figure out brackets for inside of triangle
  • Light projection triangles
    • Laser cut and assemble working version
    • Test if magnifying light fits/works