Final Post

Weliton Filho

In our final model of the spring loaded pull down mechanism that provides a private and comforting space when sitting on the couch, we modeled it 1/5 the size of the actual couch. This final model is twice the size of all our other iterations.

Our biggest challenge was calculating the math of two restrictions: 1) The length of the mechanical arm in order for the top drawer to clear the bottom. 2) The distance between the hole cut on the top and the hole cut on the bottom when the two drawers are sitting next to each other. To solve for these restrictions, we made diagrams and designed triangles within them using the Pythagorean theorem to solve for the missing side. The distance between both holes has to be 69mm and the length of the mechanical arm has to be 79.75mm in order for the top drawer to clear the edge of the bottom one when being pulled down.

Process Post

Maxwell Cottrell and Weliton Filho

 Our goal for this studio was too design a quiet meeting area for the coaches to have meetings. It needed to be collapsable and shape around a klippan ikea love seat. 

We looked at many precedents online that were used as quiet/privacy areas but they all weren't adjustable and collapsable. We each presented two ideas for how it could adjust and collapse, in which he ultimately chose to final design out of our ideas. 

The idea that we went with was an expandable and adjustable spring loaded quite pod. It is made out of wood and it pops up out of the back of the couch to provide cover from behind. 


Iteration 1: Our first iteration was designing and exact scaled replica of the couch that will be used. We used Rhino to design the model and scale it down 1/10 of the exact size. It was crafted out of thin wood that was laser cut and put together using wood glue. This iteration served as a scale model that would help us in creating scaled models of the quiet space that surrounds that couch. The quiet space model for this iteration was built out of cardboard and wood slide up and down, which we found out later this was too simple and plain. 

Iteration 2: Our second iteration was scaled up 2/10 of the exact size of the eventual final product. This version of the couch was also laser cut but we used thick wood so it would be stronger and sturdier. The privacy part of this was much more thought out and planned. We used Rhino to make fine adjustments and render an exact scaled replica. They are mini stackable boxes that would piece together and provide cover or privacy all around you. This iteration served as a great start of where we wanted to take this project. 

Iteration 3: This was our third and final iteration. For this iteration we stuck with the 2/10 scaled model of the couch because we liked the size and the way it was built. The privacy part was a completely new design, which was chosen by Saeed out of our six that we presented him. This iteration was our final privacy design and was built using screws and springs. The wood frame sits in a box and it will swing out from behind and provide cover from both three sides of the couch.