Brink: Biometric Interface

Studio Description

Rosa Weinberg and Andrew Todd Marcus

Oftentimes rescuers, adventurers and workers who bring us the raw materials for modern life find themselves in dangerous situations that put them on the Brink of Life - or the Brink of Death. In these moments, subtle decisions must be made instantly based on limited data. This studio will examine the biometric situation for those teetering on the edge of life and death and imagine innovations in wearable medical devices and integrated life support equipment that can help make sure users make informed decisions and come out alive.

The studio is organized into two section:

Biometrics - This section will focus on the hardware and software design of the wearable components as well as data processing and output for visualization. Based on use group conditions, equipment, and medical challenges, students will identify, design, build and program sensors from the ground up and encase them as a deliverable to be integrated into Interface designs.

Interface - This section will focus on improving, augmenting, or redefining aspects of the brink life support equipment. Based on the environmental, behavioral, and equipment needs of the use groups, we will reconsider the idea of wearables in order to improve safety and add functionality while integrating the sensors and data output designs from the other section.