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  • Virtual Reality is the new up and coming technology, being able to see a video in 360 degrees has changed the way people view videos. My video "The Pursuit" is a fun and interesting way for people from everywhere to view Boston the way I do while also following along with a creative story line. 


    The average persons attention span is between 9-12 seconds. There are so many things going on around you and going through your head that it is hard to focus on just one thing. While watching TV, Netflix, or Youtube, most people click off the video once they get bored but, when you find a TV show or video that you really enjoy there is nothing else grabbing your attention. Our goal in the 360 Virtual Reality Storytelling Studio was to grasp peoples attention with intresting Virtual Reality videos that has an entertaining stroyline. My project "The Pursuit" allows the viewers to accompany me on a journey through Boston while using clues to solve a crime. The video takes a plot twist in the end when the view finds out it was all a dream. Viewers can experince this video in a more engaging way in 360 which is completely different in 2D.