Sci-Fi Visual Effects

Saba Ghole and Andrew Todd Marcus
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Have you ever watched animated movies like Toy Story, Shrek, Wall-E and Finding Nemo and wondered how they made the film, came up with the story, or created all those awe-inspiring effects? In this two-week studio, we will introduce students to the art of visual effects, digital motion graphics, green-screening, and storytelling as well as the basics behind digital filmmaking. During the two weeks, students will learn the entire process of creating a short film piece, from pre-production aspects such as storyboarding, to production, including both the technical and directorial side, to post-production, including visual editing and sound mixing. Students will come up with ideas for stories and then tell these stories through short mixed-media pieces, and the only thing stopping them is their imagination!

The studio will also focus on understanding different forms of storytelling as portrayed in modern films, games, and digital apps.  Students will learn how to create compelling visual effects as seen in “Hollywood style” movies and use them in their stories using Adobe After Effects and also learn how to use Final Cut Pro for their final production. The studio is intended to allow students to be playful and creative with media while being thoughtful and critical in communicating a message. Under the guidance of NuVu’s coaches and industry experts, students in this studio will learn about digital filmmaking, digital art, illustration, storytelling and production.

Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

   Illustration, Digital Art & Graphic Design

   Digital Filmmaking

   Storytelling, Storyboarding & Production

  Social Sciences

  Adobe Photoshop

  Adobe After Effects

  Final Cut Pro