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We have a world where it rains twenty four seven and the planet is extremely over populated and covered in urban city. This world does not any space left for conventional transportation and they need to utilize all the space that they have. Our vehicle will be able to transport passengers from point A to point B by traversing different sizes of pipes, including drain and sewer pipes. This vehicle will optimize the amount of space used in this world and will make sure that passengers get to their destinations safety.


We thought of different modes of transportation inspired by sci-fi movies and video games, for example General Grievous’s wheel bike. His bike gave us the idea to create a means of transportation that had only one wheel. We thought of ways to stabilize the vehicle by using gyroscopes or by pressing it against the tube.

In our brainstorm we thought of different designs such a train/ shuttle with a rail system. Then it changed to more of a monowheel that would spin on an axis and travel through the pipe. However it ended up becoming a vehicle with three wheels positioned 120 degrees apart from each other. It would be capable of navigates though pipes of different sizes.

We went through different prototypes and plenty of overhauls to come up with our final design.