Who Gets COVID-19 Tests?

Nicholas Reisner and Dylan Keenan
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Recent news and politics have highlighted the systemic issues of the American healthcare system. These issues (most important to this project: inequality) have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through visualization and analysis of testing and demographic data from local health departments and the United States Census Bureau, inequality in testing may be revealed.

In its current iteration, the visualization examines the counties of Alabama as a case study, displaying testing data for each county. Further iterations may result in a broader scope or more in-depth analysis.

Coronavirus & PPE

Liam O'Leary and Christopher Gdula
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During these times, many people are falling ill from the Coronavirus. The number of people getting this sickness is increasing rapidly. Because of that, we are relying on healthcare workers now more than ever. They are working tirelessly around people with the Coronavirus every day, so they are even more likely to catch it. In addition to that, some hospitals don't have enough personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, some hospitals have started replacing gowns with trash bags. This has also taken a huge mental toll on healthcare workers. They are getting depressed, anxious, and some are even suicidal. A lot of people are not aware of all of this information, and some people aren't even taking the Coronavirus seriously and are not social distancing. We want people to be more aware of this information, so they can hopefully take it more seriously and appreciate healthcare workers more.

Final Presentation

Thomas Galletti and Declan McEnerney

Are Vaccines Effective?

By Thomas G. and Declan M.

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This project focuses on measles vaccination rates compared to the number of outbreaks/cases per state. It is an interactive map that displays the different vaccination rates using a heat map and allows the user to select different states to compare the number of cases/outbreaks.

This project is designed to show how vaccines and the vaccination rate affect the spread of a disease in a certain community. It is designed to be easy for anybody to understand the data. It shows the data in an easy to follow way and allows the user to interact with the data and create their own comparisons.

Multimedia Traffic Presentation

Rowan McCrea