Tree Perspectives


Leo Saitz and 2 OthersMaxwell Kiran Alva
Jen Volcker

We realized in our process that we should give our concept more of a purpose because it was curently pointless. We decided that the trees were not actually being used for anything, they were just hanging in the air to look more futuristic. When the circuitree lady came she showed us her kit which allowed a tree to charge a battery using the inbalance of the acidity between the tree and ground. This sparked the idea of us creating a battery of some sort and incorporate trees to represent the "future of trees" theme. We discovered online that by using soda from a can you create a decent amount of power. Our plan was to use the fructose in the tree to charge batteries which can be used for energy in the future.


Zachary Weiss and Joshua Brancazio
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We started out the whole studio by talking about how trees commuicate and how they interact with the enviorment around them. How they, like humans have a very large sensor array for sensing different things around them, but what makes the trees different from people is the time frame that they live in. The world moves more slowly for them given that they exist over a lot longer period of time. That said we had to figure out a way to amplify the voice of the trees. We had to speak for the trees.

Our first assignment was to measure the electrical impulses that were going through the tree. We didn't use a tree but we used a house plant so that it was a controlled environment, and not just outside where there are a lot of unknowns. We also learned about how trees talk to each other and how they communicate with each other. This was the basis for our first idea. It was for people to see the communications that trees were making with each other. We wanted to make this by having people write letters from one tree to an other. We saw that there was a lot of issues with this so we decided not to use it, but it did give us an idea. Instead of having people use electronics to measure what the trees are giving off, but let the people them selves be the sensors and detect things about the tree. We would prompt the people with questions and tell them how to connect with the tree on a level that they would understand it. They would write down there responses for our questions regarding the trees and later we would collect all of there responses and look at each tree individually to see what people said for that tree. We would average what people said and find any similarities and that would decide what each tree was like. 

We printed all of the questions on leaf looking pieces of wood and engraved the questions into them. We also designed boxes for collecting the responses, and a box for the button and arduino that spoke the instructions. We are finished with all the hardware, and we just need to put it up and get peoples responses, then our project will be complete.