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Grace-In-A-Brace/Jack-In-A-Nap Brief

Grace Kalere

Grace-In-A-Brace/Jack-In-A-Nap replicates feelings such as fear, hopelessness, and anxiety experienced by those who go through sleep paralysis. To cause those same feelings, Grace-In-A-Brace/Jack-In-A-Nap uses a main body, shaped like an ellipse that is attached with sleeves. The main body controls three outer connected flexible ellipses that close in on you when three strings are pulled on. (GK) This project educates people on the topic of sleep paralysis. Commonly sleep paralysis is very scary and traumatizing. If people are educated on the topic it will be way less traumatizing. (JC) This project is directed towards people who have never experienced sleep paralysis. If people know what is going on it makes the experience less traumatizing and scary. (JC) A lot of the project is laser-cut cardboard; there is a main ellipse body, three outer ellipses designed with “Kerf Pattern #1” to give the cardboard flexibility, a choker, and spikes. The wearer puts on the project like a backpack then pulls on three separate strings that make the three outer ellipses close in on the wearer. The wearer feels mentally unstable experience feelings such as fear, hopelessness, and anxiety. (GK)

A Rainbow Experience

Paloma Caron and Paul Colombo

Rainbow Cloak: The Idea for the cloak was to have a plain black cloak and then have some lights attached to the top. These lights will be sewed on at the top in the order of the rainbow, and when you spin all the lights would turn into a blurry rainbow. 

Rainbow Helmet: The Rainbow Helmet is designed to make the wearer look in on themself. It represents the person's inner beauty through the use of colorful lights.

Video of The Box of Paranoia

Robert Lermusiaux


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Grace Kalere and Jack Cragg

Stormy and Sandy presentation post

Abigail Araia

The Box of Paranoia

Ma'ayan Rider Shacham and Robert Lermusiaux
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 This project is based on the idea that some people have never experienced the fear and traumatization associated with irrational paranoia. This project was made to inform people on how difficult it is to live with irrational paranoia. To make this project a a box with the electrical components inside that make the arm caress you and the nuts and bolts rotate to emit the sound of rustling. The people who will use this design are people that have never experienced irrational paranoia.


Grace Kalere and Jack Cragg
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