Fashion Tech 2020

Jenny Kinard

Session 1: Jul 6-17, 2020

What do you see when you imagine the fashion of the future? Do you see slightly metallic dresses, shirts, pants, skirts that hug the body silently? Or do you see clothing that is responsive? Given advancements in material science and technology, what can the future of clothing be and how can we reimagine the runway of 2050?  Last year’s trendy brands focused on the sustainability of clothing. Brands like Nike and Fjallraven are just beginning to scratch the surface of mission and environmentally focused clothing. Zero waste designers like Tonlé, who produce garments from offcuts and remnants, gained in popularity. 

In 30 years, can brands create speculative looks that don’t just stand for good, they actively address the issues we care about? Imagine not having a seasonal wardrobe but having a wardrobe that adapts to the seasons. What if Iris Van Herpen’s dresses clarified the air around us? Or Off White’s hem picked up trash as we swept down the sidewalk? Or Janelle Monae’s blinking lashes from the Met Gala kept an eye out for antisocial behavior? In this studio, students will research an environmental or social issue they care about, and turn it into fashion that actively participates in solving or assisting that issue. In this studio your Fashion can go more than just look good, they will be designed as high tech as our devices with the beauty of fashion to make statements that help their wearer stand out and stand up!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

   Fashion Design

   Computer Programming



   2D and 3D Modeling

   Adobe Illustrator

   Robotics (Arduino)


  • Enrolling students must be any of the following:
    • High School Student
    • Post-High School Gap Year Student