Ceramic Rituals

Hand Me Down Baking

Anara Magavi

Hand Me Down Baking:' An interactive recipe to hand down over generations. Made of clay measuring cups stacked in the order they will be used.

passing down objects or family recipes is a very important thing to many, and can be something to remind people of their deceased ones. It is tragic when the recipe is warped by time or misreadings and gets changed. The solution is Hand Me Down Baking, that way recipes can be unchangeable and solid. The project is made out of stackable clay cylindrical boxes that are set to a specific measurement unknown to the user. The boxes are stacked in the order that the ingredients must be added to the recipe. The ingredient is represented by a small icon on the outside of the cup. Written instructions are minimalised to prevent language barriers.

the piece can be used to teach kids family recipes and help pass them down.


Christine Alcindor

Ceramic Rituals

Ryan Ferguson

This studio will examine ceramic manufacturing processes through the lens of cultural food traditions and ritual. Students will be exposed to the technical process of slip-casting, from initial modeling and mold-making, to casting and glazing. We will be producing 3D-printed models to use for casting, blending contemporary digital fabrication with a centuries old manufacturing technique.

The studio will use this method as a means to explore perceptions of food culture, both from the past and present. Students will design vessels, dinnerware, serving platters and tools that reexamine, augment, celebrate a particular food tradition or ritual and create a novel user experience.

Tub Munchers

Uliana Dukach and Max Colognesi

Uliana Brief
Tub Munchers, is a vessel that allows for people to have enough time to bathe. It does this by combining eating and bathing in one timeslot.

Tub munchers combines eating and bathing into a quick assembly and no mess experience. This project was made to combine two very important nighttime rituals into one, and by doing so allows people time to bathe in relaxation. Many people don't have time to bathe properly at night, or if they do it's a very stressful and time-crunched experience. Tub Munchers tries to alleviate the stress that these types of people have so that they can eat their meal and relax in peace and quiet.

Tub Munchers consists of three main parts. The serving tray, the two bowls, and the tongs. The serving tray fits around the user while they are in the bath, it is made out of wood to allow floating. The two bowls are shaped like rocks, they have a rock-like top and a very long bottom. The long bottom is so that the bowls and tray can float more easily, and not dirty up your bathwater. using the tongs the user would take the food out of the bowls and assemble it on the prep tray.

Max Brief

Combining food prep with the relaxation of bathing to make a calming and efficient experience in the bathtub. With its rock-like ceramic bowls and a tray that fits around the waist, it's a new tradition to have in the bathtub.

Tub Munchers is a way to combine both eating and bathing into an easy and soothing experience wit no mess involved. This idea came upon finding ideas on how to change the experience in the bathtub. We made this with by slipcasting the dishes and laser cutting the tray out of wood. Tub Munchers is here for any bath lover or any busy person that could need time to relax.


Nicky Glassman

Taco! is a two-piece taco saver made to catch the ingredients that fall out of a taco and turn it into a new taco. It also brings a comedic awareness to food waste since the container is modeled as a trash can.

Food waste is a major problem in the US today. Right now, people think it is fine to take as much food as possible, and often this leads to them not finishing their food letting it go to waste. Instead of limiting how much people take, Taco! repurposes to food turning it into a new taco. Tacos often break and cause the insides to fall out and ruining the taco. With Taco! there is a tortilla at the bottom of the bowl ready to catch the fillings making a soft shell taco. Along with the two pieces of the bowl, there is a strap to keep the two pieces together. For the best use of the Taco! take the top piece off and flip it over, then rest the top piece on the bottom one. As the taco is eaten, if the person leans over the bowl, as the taco bits fall out, they go into a funnel that guides the taco bits into the shape of taco filling. When the first taco is done, take the top piece off, take the tortilla out, fold the taco, and enjoy Taco!

Sophisticating milk and cookies

Aveen Nagpal


An influential moment in one's childhood is the advent of dipping milk and cookies. Such an experience is considered unsophisticated and therefore it is somewhat barred from reaching a more mature audience. [Insert name here] is a series of ceramic pieces that elevate the experience of milk and cookies, making it available to an adult crowd in the process. [Insert name here] achieves this with the help of a process called reverse spherification. The first piece of the set, the spoon, measures out the perfect amount of milk to be spherified. It is then poured into the chamber filled with a bath that creates a skin around the milk. The milk spheres are spooned onto a serving tray to stop the skin thickening process. The spheres are eaten with cookies, specially molded to cup the spheres to prevent spillage.


Christine Alcindor

The Mindfulness Eating Kit is an assortment of dishware that incorporates meditation into the dining experience as a way to reduce stress, increase focus, and help lessen anxiety or stress-induced eating. It does this by using a series of objects that use colors, sounds, and textures to aid people in unwinding, all while eating.

The Mindfulness Eating Kit is the solution to stress and emotional eating. People that resort to eating as a way to reduce stress, often don’t achieve their intended goal. Instead, they end up feeling worse than before. By incorporating various meditation tools, this kit allows people to eat and meditate at the same time, which will, in turn, reduce their stress. This kit is primarily for teens and adults that endure stress daily. It is also intended for those who have anxiety or are constantly in stress-inducing environments and situations. This could include school or work. The kit is designed like a standard lunch box. In the lunch box, however, there is a compartment for a sandwich, and on top of the sandwich are four tools that tackle four vital parts of meditation: breath, visual focus, mantras, and soothing sounds. The sandwich is cut into quarters, and each quarter is eaten after using the tools to complete parts of the mindfulness process. Once completing the four steps, the person should feel more relaxed, allowing their mind to be more clear and ready to tackle the rest of the day. This process is meant to become a daily routine that is integrated into one's lifestyle, to continuously implement mindfulness. It directly incorporates meditation into eating which is much more effective at reducing stress and improving focus than the alternative solution, using food alone.

Portfolio Day Session 2

Jenny Kinard

Portfolio Day

After the Final Presentation, you have the opportunity to consider your presentation in light of final feedback and discussion. You will spend additional time reviewing you presentations, refining you portfolio, and polishing you work before it is made public on the internet.

The Self Evaluation is an opportunity for you to reflect on your work during the Studio. Students and Coaches receive the same prompts and categories, and the students will evaluate their own progress and skill levels in Design Skills and Subject Skills applicable to the studio both numerically and textually. Through a narrative, you will also reflect on the quality and rigor of your work, give feedback on the studio, and have the opportunity to receive similar feedback directly from the coach.