final presentation

Anara Magavi and Abby Burgess

Abby's Brief: Unraveled is a wearable sculpture designed for Stephanie Bratley. Unraveled is composed of numerous spirals that represent her ability to stay in tune with her inner-self "spirals" outwards and affects her life in a positive manner.

Stephanie Brantley has overcome much adversity in her life. Not only has she overcome it, but she's powered through it using self-talk and motivation. The spiral is a representation of Stephanie talking to her inner-self and letting it spiral out and manifest itself into her environment. These spirals are tiny laser cut acrylic pieces dotted with holes to pull a string through. The pieces are strung together with braided white rope on the surface of the pieces. The final piece is a necklace made of laser-cut acrylic pieces strung together with braided rope to make it comfortable and to give structure. 

Anara's Brief: Unraveled, a wearable designed to reflect Stephanie’s personality and inner self. The wearable is made up of spirals that rest on Stephanie’s chest and comes up from her shoulders to represent her perseverance and love for others.

Stephanie went through the death of her family, her asthma, and having to use a wheelchair and she is still strong and happy because she focused on good things in life. She played D1 basketball in college and was and still is very passionate about it, now she teaches basketball to abled and disabled children. Stephanie also loves her extended family and wants to live in St. Thomas but the healthcare is not good so she lives in New York.

Unraveled is a wearable made to represent Stephanie’s inner strength, perseverance and love. The spiral also is supposed to show how she created her own family after she lost her own. There is one large spiral sitting on her chest above her heart to show her love for her friends and family. The second spiral is smaller and on her left shoulder to represent a guiding hand, self love, and perseverance. The spirals on her chest are made of acrylic cut into rectangles with braided rope sewn onto them so that the spirals are flexible and don't snap, the spirals coming off her left shoulder are also acrylic with rope but they are not cut because they don't need to be flexible.

project board

Anara Magavi