Mountain Backpack


Jonathan Haber

For this studio, I worked on a vessel that highlights the lessons I learned, the obstacles I overcame, and the relationships I formed during the 12 trips I went on at camp. I decided to delve into different events that shaped his identity. I would shape my vessel after the 12 trips, 57 days, that I spent in the wilderness of Maine with my summer camp. These experiences would shape the way I dealt with adversity, craft unbreakable friendships, and help put life into perspective.

The physical project is just a backpack, but when you open it up you find a mountain range with six different peaks. Each peak symbolizes one of the six years that I went to summer camp. Each year had two of the twelve trips. Furthermore, each peak has a symbol that relates to one of the divisions at my camp. The mountains are made on Rhino and are modeled after topography maps. The twelfth and final trip end with the hiking of the tallest mountain in Maine, Mt. Katahdin. This is where the idea for the topographic mountain came from.