Mr. Krabs Video

Max Allen

Solar Energy Plan

Kevin Brown
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Social Impact

Sina Ball

solar energy and crabs



Anara Magavi

Solar Energy

Uliana Dukach

Presentation and heat seeking crab

Siena Jekel

Portfolio Day Session 1

Jenny Kinard

Portfolio Day

After the Final Presentation, you have the opportunity to consider your presentation in light of final feedback and discussion. You will spend additional time reviewing you presentations, refining you portfolio, and polishing you work before it is made public on the internet.

The Self Evaluation is an opportunity for you to reflect on your work during the Studio. Students and Coaches receive the same prompts and categories, and the students will evaluate their own progress and skill levels in Design Skills and Subject Skills applicable to the studio both numerically and textually. Through a narrative, you will also reflect on the quality and rigor of your work, give feedback on the studio, and have the opportunity to receive similar feedback directly from the coach.


Siena Jekel