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Presentation - Nuvu Aerodynamics / Drag Racer

Alex Cracraft and William Levy

Homework - Alex Cracraft

Alex Cracraft

The chair was curved, so we created a base plate so it can lay flat on the frame. I also have uploaded the use diagram.

1/4 Scale Wheel Axle Diameter

Alex Cracraft

0.36 inches (measured with caliper)


Alex Cracraft

These use a 5/8 inch axle. These have minimal tread, more in line with our drag racer goal.

Homework Day 7 - Alex Cracraft

Alex Cracraft

Will was sick today, so that negatively impacted our progress. However, we worked with quarter scale designs. We did some more measurements, and made some adjustments to our design. Our quarter scale model started to come together, but then (15 minutes before the end of the day) fell apart. We used some hot glue in place of superglue.

  • Our car is 6 ft long, 4 ft tall, and 3 ft wide
  • We are using the maximum size wheels available (10 inch diameter, I believe)
  • Once you have these wheels, we need a way to STEER the wheels. 
  • We plan to place the motor in the back, less than a foot away from the axle.
  • We are looking for a faster top speed & acceleration.

Homework Day 6 - Alex Cracraft

Alex Cracraft

1) While we have no model yet, you can see our concept drawings above.

2) I like our overall idea behind the design (Aerodynamic, light weight car designed for maximum speed). I don't really like the setup for the chain connecting to the rear axle. I'm just not sure how secure or stable that will be.

3) I see myself as the structural engineer, tasked with designing a stable and aerodynamic body for the car.

Homework Day 4 - Alex Cracraft

Alex Cracraft
  • Today, we made a measured laser cut design of our previous prototype.
  • I think the overall design of the body was spot on. Everything fit perfectly, and it looks clean.
  • We had some trouble getting the correct sizing for holes to connect the motor and axle to the body.
  • Our prototype is pretty close to where I wanted it to be, and I fully expect it to be working tomorrow. 
  • I want to work with gear ratios to maximize torque and power from our motors. I want to optimize our full scale machine to make it as fast as possible.

Full Presentation

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