Augmented Reality Games (Session 3) 2019

Re-upload with more laughs

Sebastian Park

The Apocalypse - Video

Faye Larochelle

Rosie's revenge

Isabella Giaconi and 2 OthersJenna Kornbluth
Rebecca Schussheim
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Future Scrapers

Reuben Fuchs and Harrison Schneider
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Future scraper is a visually colorful and entertaining AR game where you earn money, buy new floors, and watch as your building stretches higher off the table taking you further into the future.

Ant-AR-ctic Pet

Jiaqian Ye and Sebastian Park
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Nelson Wang, Jerry Ye, and Sebastian Park

Quick! Jump! Final Presentation

Cindy Huixiu Luo and Ryan Huang
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The first picture is our intention or summary of the game. The second is our precedent (inspiration), Fez, a video game. In Fez, you have to get the character through the obstacle course and reach the end. Every time your character get  into a new angle, you have to spin the tower so that you can see your character. The next three pictures are our paper prototype. We created an obstacle course on paper and tested it out. We used paper assets and paper phone screens. The next few photos are our assets. We created these characters using MagicaVoxel, a pixel-themed model designer. The last picture is our finished game. 


Elana Jacobs and Kadria Ademi
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Dinosaur Island

Kyle Plosky
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Julian Gravereaux
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