Final Post

Manuel Gold and Janice Tabin

Starry Spine is a moving wearable for Jerron, a dancer with Heidi Latsky's company.

Heidi  Latsky asked us to design wearables for her company.  The costumes had  to reflect the dancer's body or personality in some way.  So, we  designed the Starry Spine, a wearable that reflects the movements of  Jerron's chest and spine.  To do this we employed the help of a  3D-printed spine that would move with Jerron's body as well as a fabric  with deliberate tears that would move with Jerron.

The purpose of  the company is to welcome dancers of all shapes and sizes into dance,  including those with disabilities.  Our project helps compliment  Jerron's dancing and also people with disabilities.  It also raises  questions about Jerron and invites people to learn more about him and  his disability.