The Brief

Evy Dibble and Jade Bacherman

Corrida de Argolinha is a traditional jousting game that is an important aspect of Brazilian culture in which player ride on horses, holding up and aiming spears in order to capture a tiny ring on the tip of their spear. The game occurs primarily in the Brazilian countryside because lots of people have horses and is a popular competition at festivals. This popular jousting game ordinates from the 16th century and is believed to be brought to brazil by the Portuguese. The games was played by knight who were competing to win a women. The point of the game is to capture a ring that they would give to this women.My partner and I were intrigqed by this game and decided to recreate it in a abstract way. We made a list of skills required to play Corrida de Argolinha and noted key themes. This list included having physical strength, balancing abilities, aim and precision, and patience. Rather than recreating our game very similarly to the original, we wanted to take these attributes and make a game that embodied the characteristics and culture of Corrida de Argolinha. With this list in mind, my partner and I are creating a wobble board that is connected to a labyrinth/maze. Due to the fact the your lower body would be in control of the labyrinth/maze, a player would have to posses a decent amount of physical strength and balancing abilities. Due to the complexity of the labyrinth/maze, a player would have to have good aim and be patient. We constructed out wobble board out of think wood in a waffle geometric pattern for support. The connected labyrinth/maze is comprised of wood, acrylic, and plastic. The wobble board is a circle and the labyrinth/maze is a ring that sits around it and has eight different compartments with a variance of difficulties.