The Brief

Jennifer Levin and Christian deWeck

The Rythemizer is a game that communicates a beat and in return the player must repeat the beat.

This game is based off of the Brazilian children's game called Pular Corda. The game consists of two people swinging a rope and one kid jumping. The kids that are waiting in line to jump, sing along with a song. The game could be used to teach a language and/or could be played on playgrounds just for fun. We created a game that includes this important aspect of rhythm, physical movement, and teamwork. The goal of our game is for each player(with a different action) to perform a rhythm and the jumper must stay KEEP jumping. There is a circular center piece that monitors all the rhythms. Going off of the center piece there are four actions: a drum, clapping, stomping, and jumping. One player is doing each action. The players who are drumming, clapping, and stomping all create their own personal rythm playing at the same time. Then, the jumper must try to jump to the beat. All the players work together to try to stay with the beat all the way to the end of the song. If the jumper jumps off beat, then the team will not accomplish the goal of finishing.