Saba Ghole
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Within nature there are many beautiful forms, textures and colors: from the tiniest sea caterpillars exploding with striking color, to the mighty redwood trees standing gracefully with their elegant structure. Nature is full of fascinating patterns and designs. This Summer, students will be using nature and biology as inspiration and blending this with digital tools and fabrication technology to create BioFashion! Fabrics that come alive with color upon a user’s touch; clothing that alters its shape based on external light; costumes for musicians that produce sound based on their movements. These are a few examples of how fashion is using biology combined with new technologies (microcontrollers, LEDs, fiber optics, sensors, motors) to introduce fantasy, futurism and functionalism in everyday life.

Using the combined power of digital design (computer aided drafting, 3D modeling) and rapid prototyping tools (laser cutters and 3D printers), students will create high-tech fashion pieces inspired by biology. The designs could include fashion pieces for dancers, performers, musicians, or everyday people. Students will also incorporate unique materials, complex patterns, and robotics into their final pieces! Get ready to enter the high tech Biofashion world!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

   Fashion Design

   Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

   Computer Programming



   2D and 3D Modeling

   Adobe Illustrator

   Robotics (Arduino)


  • Enrolling students must be between the ages of 11 to 18