Vulnerability, Emotional Intelligence, Self awareness & Joy

Studio Description

Jeff Lieberman

We know how to split the atom, and to see galaxies billions of light-years away. Technology drives information through us faster than ever before. But what do we know about understanding ourselves and our human experience? How can we find and cultivate the deepest sense of joy in our lives? What do we do that keeps us from feeling deeply connected to others? Why do we have the range of human emotions we have, and how can we learn from all of them when they appear?

This studio will explore the range of experience available in our lives — by experimenting with our bodies, minds, and hearts. We will learn about emotional and developmental theory, always coupling it to experience — yoga and energy practices to get us more connected to how our bodies feel, meditations to understand the nature of our minds, and group work to break down our walls, find what makes us unique, and help us find our deepest sense of joy within ourselves.

This will be a challenging studio. It requires a commitment to lean into your edges of your comfort zone. In order to understand ourselves better often requires seeing where and how our systems resist our experience. It will also ask us to open to each other, to allow ourselves to be fully authentic and vulnerable with each other; to put down our masks, and to see what happens when we open to what is underneath.

Our goal will be to explore these realms within ourselves, and to find the practices that feel most effective for our finding deep joy and connection throughout NuVu. Students will collaborate to figure out ways to infuse their favorite findings and practices in the NuVu community, whether through a handbook, video documentation, or by leading their own training for NuVu staff/students.