Max Kreppein and Louie Adamian

Trainer is a device that trains your dog basic commands using IBM Watson’s visual recognition API. In our studio, we decided we're changed to create a device that improves lives for dogs especially ones that are stuck all day at home. We looked at training dogs and how that can be improved and noticed that a lot of it is just repetition that can be done by a person but doesn't need to be. We decided to go with IBM’s visual tracking because it was the fastest way to get an accurate reading of the dog’s position. To actually transmit the commands we are using a speaker that has a recording of someone saying the verbal command. To reinforce the commands we wanted to dispense some sort of reward so we decided to make a dog treat dispenser we also wanted verbal encouragement so we added another recording of someone saying "good job".

The Brief

Rowan Roudebush

  20% of dogs have separation anxiety. There are many causes for this type of anxiety, but a dog being left alone at home is the main one. It makes sense, everytime you leave the dog alone at home the dog doesn't know for sure when or if you're going to get home.  The Dog timer is a timer for dogs to know when their owner is going to get home. It gives off a soothing odor up until the owner clicks a button on an app on their phone which lets the machine know that they're going to be home in 30 minutes. The machine then gives off a scent to the dog which lets it know the owner will be home in half an hour. It gives off a different scent for when the owner is going to be home in 20 minutes, then 10 minutes. 

       The body of the timer is curved so that it will tuck in nicely next to the dog's bed. It has cups filled with a scented liquid with a screw going down the middle. It will also have a sealed lid on the screw which will move above and below holes releasing and sealing off the scent of the liquid. I was inspired to make this project when I first heard about this issue when I came across a box of pills in the kitchen at my friend's house. My friend asked his mom who they were for, and she said they were for their dog, who has anxiety. In the pill box, there were somewhere between 10-20 pills per day. I made this project hoping to reduce the 20% of dog's in this situation, with a simple, and easy to work product.


Sophia Cohen

     Humans are not able to be with their dog 24/7. When they are away, the dogs worry about their owner coming back for them. Now there is a safe, innovative, and unique way to notify the dog that their owner is on their way home. While the owner is at work or on-the-go, they can press a button to release 3 different scents. With repetition, the dog will learn that the scents are associated with the owner being 30 minutes, 20 minutes away, and 10 minutes away. The scents within the device are smells that dogs love; it will soothe the separation anxiety and tension that they are dealing with. 

     The device is designed specifically for the well-being of the animal and the owner. It is animal-friendly, such as, the dogs are not able to reach the scented oils or eat the box. Additionally, the device can fit conveniently on the side of the dog bed. For the owner, they can easily use the app and change the tubes that hold the oils . The scents soothe the dog, while the owner can relax knowing that their dog is calmly waiting for their arrival. 


Dog ++ Presentation

Jacob Florence and Chloe Page

A fun and interactive dog treat dispenser that entertains, trains, and rewards your dog using fetching and feeding techniques.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

All pet owners have found themselves feeling guilty when leaving their pets home alone for hours at a time. Days spent home alone tend to result in either extreme boredom or depression and separation anxiety. Our dog treat dispenser tackles some of these issues by entertaining our loved ones in a fun and educational way. 

The dispenser is made with an eye-pleasing interactive maze to attract the attention of the dog after it inserts the ball. To activate this dispenser, the dog must insert a ball at the top of the maze and wait for it to land on a windmill type contraption that spins out treats. Not only is this treat dispenser sure to captivate our pet's attention, but also train them in ways without them even knowing. Pets who use this dispenser will need to master basic fetching and returning skills by placing the ball in the correct area to land inside the maze. Our pets will also have to practice patience when waiting for the ball and treats to dispense out of the bottom. It is time we let this new wave of pet products take over doing the things we are unable to do day to day.  

Dog ++ Video Presentation

Jacob Florence

Playful Puppy Playmate

Jonathan Fujiwara and Max Morelli

A paradigm for how your dog can expend energy and stay entertained using a healthy and playful interactive toy.

Millions of Americans attend work in the morning while leaving behind an imploring dog in the doorway each day. "The Playful Puppy Playmate" seeks to end this cycle of loneliness and boredom that America's favorite companion faces each time you walk out the door using an interactive, two wheeled vessel that comes with an assortment of different rope tails to bite and chase. Designed on Rhinoceros, the vessel and the tail are tethered and cut handmade and glued individually. Then, made in wood and coated with mouth friendly plastics, the vessel is laser cut and custom built. Tails are tailored to sizes, personalities, and interests of your individual pup. The vessel is fitted with the highest quality materials so it may roll around the house using its sensor to detect any obstacles. Upon detection of such interference, the vessel will turn and avoid collision. Using different settings, the vessel can be perfectly synced to a dogs energy level and speed. To sum up; this new and exciting product will revolutionize the world of dog entertainment. Only one question remains: When will your cunning canine get it's paws on "The Playful Puppy Playmate?"


Rowan Roudebush and Sophia Cohen


Maddie Mullin

The fast moving and fantastic smelling robot.  The robot moves around, while running your dog crazy and releasing a delicious smell.  The idea behind this object is that when a dog is left at home while it's owner is gone for a long time, the dog gets bored!  No more being bored, lonely, lost because now their is the dog candle!

The dog candle was made using a variety of machines and tools.  We used a 3-D printer to cut object such as a small box, what to be used to put the dogs favorite scent in ( still unsure of exactly what we are going to use for that scent). We also used cardboard in the beginning stages to make Prototypes of ideas.  It has been a long process but our outcome definitely was worth all the work.  Our machine will be controlled by a motor and move all around the surface of one's home when their are gone.  The idea behind having a dog's favorite scent is that it will attract the dog to follow the robot and enjoy the smell coming from it.  The smell will make the dog want to run around with this robot and get some quick "play time in".  The fantastic, and truly amazing dog candle will never leave your dog alone.  It will give your dog the sense of happiness and freedom to run around while the owner is working hard in the office.  

Final Post

Tomas Gonzalez and Joseph Cybul

Dogs house is a station created to keep a dog distracted when the owner is not at home, it has ,many uses and its design for small dogs that usually live inside.

Dogs house is provides a space of comfort in a reduced space for the dog, the main purpose is to create a space where the dog is relaxed and calm while the owners are not home, we focused on things like resting spaces and playing areas, as well as a rewarding zone. We also implemented some electronics like speakers that will play music for the dog.

This product is manly made out of wood, it has two levels and one inside step for the dog to sleep, both floors are connected by two ramps, one is covered with a frame of felt. It has built in a treat dispenser triggered by the dog by pulling a string attached to a toy or bone, the owner can control the gap in terms of time where the dog can pull the string and something is actually coming out from the dispenser, some times the dog is going to pull and nothing is going to come out.


Jacob Florence

1. Dogs staying at home everyday can get bored easily, if they can have an interactive activity or something to keep them from getting bored it will keep their health and positivity up. This would improve their physical and emotional state by getting active and being entertained.

2. Some dogs lives revolve around their owner and if their owner can talk to them through the day, they won't be as sad and miss their owner. This idea could improve its emotional state, especially if it gets excited because it sees its owner.

3. It is important to make sure your dog is doing ok and is getting the correct food. This helps with health and safety.