Open Innovation Winter 2016

Video of Soothing Timer

Jade Bacherman and Jason Waldman


Christian deWeck

Hi, my name is Christian de Weck, and I created the T-pack. This is my evocative image and it shows a man frustrated over his broken down car. When building or repairing anything away from a workshop (roadside repair for example), it can be difficult to organize all the tools you may need in a toolbox, and it can be hard to come back to your work after you've found the right tool. read the problem and solution slide. This is my first precedent and it shows a concept drawing back attachable robotic arms. I really liked the look and the position of the robotic arms on the person's back and it seemed similar to my idea. My next precedent is a regular backpack because i wanted to incorporate all the standard straps  and make it feel like a backpack. My last precedent is a tool pegboard and I used this because it seemed like a very good and efficient way to hold tools on one plain..This is my first sketch and concept drawing of my project and I essentially Drew the image in a first and third person view. I wanted the tool sheet to be able to attach to your back when you are mobile, but when you are fixing something I wanted it to be right in front of you within reaching distance. The second sketch is a top view of how the pack would function and I wanted one giant arm that could swing out and bring the tool sheet in front of you. After that I started my first iteration out of card board and it was basically just two cardboard sheets connected to  by one arm. There were a few problems with this prototype the first of which was that when the sheet was swung out it was very bulky and hard to move in. The board was also too close to my body and was not able to be moved. In my second iteration. I changed having just one big sheet of tools to four small tool arms that could slide in and out on a track. This allowed me to move very easily and adjust the arm length from my body but there was now concern that the tiny arms on the pack could not hold many tools, negating the point. In my next iteration I changed that by using two larger tool arms that came out on each side of the person. This was a great compromise between mobility and storage and I used this prototype as a template for my final version. After this I designed a curved back piece in rhino which I then cover with foam and attached it to a copy of my previous prototype to make a fully functional and wearable backpack. This is the my construction Diagram and it shows how the entire pack is put together. This is my functional Diagram and as you can see it shows how the pack works with it's arms. These a some of my final images and these first two is just the pack in our Photo Booth. this is image shows me waring the pack and bringing out the arms. Thank you.

Video 2

Joseph Cybul

The Brief

Janice Tabin

Patients in mental institutions have limited freedom and time outdoors. The patients, especially kids, can feel trapped and imprisoned in the hospital, with not many ways of coping with this feeling. I decided to create a wall installation that helps teenagers practice their breathing exercises, to ease them through this rough period of time in their life. The installation would include an iris diaphragm, which is commonly used as a camera aperture. The iris would open and close to a mindfulness breathing pattern when a sensor detects someone in front of it, and would reveal an Ecosphere, which is an encapsulated ecosystem. Patients could connect to the nature inside the wall, and possibly have a deeper emotional connection with the brine shrimp, who are encapsulated just like the young adults are.

The Brief

Jade Bacherman and Jason Waldman

This design is a way to measure time in a more soothing matter. Through the calming smooth wavelike like motion, our project creates a stress free timer that will create a more visually appealing indication of the time left on tests. The undulating motion of the sticks accompanied by the changing color of lights will dramatically reduce the anxiety student feel while sitting through an exam. Yes the test taker will presumably feel stressed while thinking about time limitations, but this design will illustrate the amount of time in a way that is not distracting but instead, pleasantly comforting. 

There are surely a number of fears students encounter walking into standardized tests. They will worry about subjects they aren't too confident in, the lack of sleep they got they night before, or simply the fear of not doing well. Contributing to this stress is the limited amount of time students have to take a test. All schools either use a traditional or digital clock to time standardized exams and that may not help the feeling of uneasiness kids go through each hour. They have the panic of rushing and not finishing on time. Plus, the constant reminder of a ticking clock and annoying monitors who seem to spick their stop watch under your noise as if you don't remember you're being timed.

Taco video

Joseph Cybul

The Brief

Joseph Cybul and Richard Lourie

We are creating a video game based on the Brazilian game known as Taco, in this game four people will use their phones to connect with each other and play, they will have to use physical movements that their found will read. 

Taco is a sport usually played on the street with friends and people around your neighborhood, it's played by two teams of two people and the main objective is to score as many points as you can. The equipment that you will need to play this game are basic things you can gather at home, the first things are the bases, which are usually made with recycled bottles, then you will need two sticks to as the bats, and finally a ball, its time to play. The bases are settled one in front of the other within a distance of 10 to 15 meters and one member of each team is standing in one of the sides if you are pitching you will stand behind the base and try to hit the base on the opposite side with the ball.from this point, there are two possible options one, that you manage to hit the base and you and your teammate take the turn to bat or the other team hits the ball meaning that you will have to run to get the ball while other  team runs back and forth to score points, the game continues until they score a certain amount of points that they set before the game starts.

In order to represent this game in a more global environment, we are creating a video game that has the main essence of taco.This game is played by two teams of two people, one team will have the role of pitching and the other one hitting, for pitching each player will be able to control one axis meaning that they can only control if the ball goes either up and down or right and left, by tilting their phones to that direction, the objective is to hit a bottle on the other side of the screen without beeing stopped by the hitting team. As for the other team they will be able to control un axis of the stick that is trying to stop the ball, but this time they will click the position and the stick will go there, their objective is to stop the ball from getting to the bottle.

The Brief

Sophie Kaplan

Wayfinder is a pendant for children that becomes a compass that points to their parent(s). The parent(s) can communicate with the device via text message.  

Due to the boom in electronics parents now have an unprecedented way to locate their children. But, children are still in the dark when it comes to finding their parents. For children who do not have a cellphone locating and communication with their parents is almost impossible. Wayfinder is the solution for this problem. Wayfinder is a pendant for children that contains an LED screen displaying arrows to direct the child to the parent. The parent can also communicate with the pendant via text message. They can change the display to an X or a heart with a single text. This device will be a large asset in child safety. 

The Brief

Jill Kirson and Joddy Nwankwo

The Process

Jill Kirson and Joddy Nwankwo

There are people of different sexes across the country and even the world who have experienced sexual harassment, being followed or made uncomfortable my creepy human beings. Our device is a solution to the ubiquitous problem of sexual harassment women face all over the world. 

     ImPENetrable is an emergency bluetooth pen that allows you to create fake text messages and calls to the users phone and is also capable of notifying the police. This device was created so it’s users feel safer in a situation where there might be someone following them or making them uncomfortable. There is also a built in pepper spray bottle. The beauty in this device is that it is disguised in an everyday object, a pen. This allows us to appeal to a bigger audience because women are not the only one who face this problem. 

     ImPENetrable will be connected to your mobile device. With one click of the pen, you are able to send a fake, pre set, text message to your phone. This messages will come in many different forms and from different contacts as well. For example, a text can come from “Dad” or “Boyfriend,” saying “I’ll be there in a minute”. With two clicks of the pen, you’ll be able to send an instant incoming call to your phone that will act as a distraction to a person following you. Lastly, three clicks will call the police if the situation is completely out of hand. The pen is bluetooth, so the police will already have your location since your phone is equipped with a GPS. We anticipate that this device will help all users feel a lot safer in their every day life.