Open Innovation Winter 2016

Segregation in Boston

Sahlu Loulseged

Why is one of the most progressive cities in America also one of the most segregated? This video takes a look at some of Boston's most underrepresented neighborhoods. It documents the perceptions of these neighborhoods, inside and out. It aims to show the potential of these areas that may not otherwise be realized.

ImPENetrable Video

Andrew Todd Marcus

Winter 16

Emily Glass

Hong Kong Film

Christopher Kitchen

During the second half of February, my parents traveled to Hong Kong, touring with their string quartet. I decided to take advantage of that oportunity, and chose to film any interesting things I saw there. Once getting back, I edited chose the music I would use, and spent about three days editing the footage.


Jill Kirson and Joddy Nwankwo

Gallery Crawl Locations

Andrew Todd Marcus

Gallery Crawl

Andrew Todd Marcus

Seconds Matter

Jordan Idehen and Zack Taylor