Fantasy Motorcycles


Evan Ellicott

Tri-noceros: The Tumbling Motorcycle

Jonathan Enfield and 2 OthersAditya Saligrama
Samson Mostashari

In a world, where everything is so windy that anything can get blown over at any moment, there is the Tri-noceros. The Tri-noceros is a motorcycle-esque machine that can get get flipped over and still continue driving forward and backwards.

Duel-Wheeled: The Dino Killer prototyping

Graham Galts

Today we finished our final idea. Our final idea had to get through many prototyping, drawing and editng stages to get where we are. There were many ideas about the design and even though at first we didnt like the idea we finally came through to make it. Even our final idea had ideas because there were many different pieces to make and design and at some points it seemed like we had finalized some part we realized that there was something wrong with that idea. The idea that we finally came up with was originally pushed to the side because we thought that we had a better idea. But in fact it actually was going to be to hard to assemble and the final was a more concrete idea. Our idea went through many stages including cardboard and hand drawings.