Fantasy Worlds

Musical Topography

Andrew Todd Marcus

My project is a music box, with music based off the topography of a made up skyline. First, I thought about what this mysterious city was like, and what happened in this city. I drew some sketches of this city, creating unique buildings and bridges. After creating this city, I made some skylines with six different heights. One, being a rest in the music, and two through six being different music notes. After creating these five skylines of an unknown city, picked three to use. I then overlapped two cities at a time, noticing which parts overlap, and which parts don't. I took the information I had about each skyline, and turned it into a graph. I made seven graphs in all, each graph we turned into music. Three were three separate skylines: Red, blue, and yellow. Another three were two skylines combined: Red and yellow, blue and red, and yellow and blue. And the last was all the skylines incorporated into one graph: Red, yellow, and blue. That was the final music piece. Then I sketched some boxes, and then made a box on Rhino, with an area to put the cylinder, and a surface to place the tine. After, I laser cut my pieces, put them together, and attached the tines and cylinder with nails in it. It was finally put together. When I turn the cylinder, the metal hits the tines, creating the music of this unknown city.

Hanging City

Elias Hyde

Orignally my city was going to be a stacked city but it soon morphed into a hanging city where the richer people live closer to the bottom due to the fact that thier houses are heavier but this was also a punishment for the land below is polluted. I started my project with sketches and soon I prototyped my city center out of cardboard before proceeding to make it out of wood. Assesing what I did wrong I then rebuilt my final version of it along with building the houses, gears, and city frame. Finally I assembled it all in a way that the gears make the houses go up and down.

Kaleidoscope World

Jae Lee

Our kaelidoscope has six disks, four of which have to be manually turned, and two are spun via crank. Each disk contains six images that all are based on one category i.e houses, people, plants/animals, and ground. The idea at first was to create six disks with six images and by aligning all six you would be able to see a city in our world. We first tried using a PVC tube as our kaleidoscope but we could figure out a way to and on the six disks. Later on we agreed upon making a box that would contain the disks. We had decided to have Ilgin work on the mechanics of the box and Jae and I would focus on drawing the disks for our slides.

Musical Topography Compositions

Andrew Todd Marcus


Sofia Baptista

The bioscope is a device created to project microorganisms onto a wall (for example) so they can be seen by the naked eye scaled up much larger than they really are.

The bioscope uses a laser and a lens to do this. The laser shines through the microgoranisms creating a very small shadow of said organisms, and then when the light is broken up with a lens into a much larger picture the microorganisms become visible. 

However I did not acheive this to the scale I had wanted and my laser projectors do not project at a large enough scale for miroorganisms to be seen. However they do project things at a large scale and create some very cool effects when the water reacts with the laser.