Vole Vigilante

Jaden Johnston and Macy McKinney

Vole Vigilante

Jaden & Macy

Final Review

April 14th, 2022

Jaden - Fake Predator

There are many problems that can and will occur while working on a farm but with the help of different tools these problems can be lessened or solved. A problem that has repeatedly occurred on farms are pests eating and destroying crops. The fake predator project is to stop pests, specifically voles from destroying crops. This project is designed to look and act like a hawk which is one of the voles' most dangerous natural predators. The fake hawk has an adjustable head and wings along with a voice box that generates hawk sounds to scare away the voles. This project was specifically designed to help Land Sakes farm, with the ability to adjust the height of the hawk so it can fit in the high tunnel and be easily stored away. As well as being waterproof so the hawk can handle weather changes. The fake hawk is perfect for any farm who wants to save time, money and resources. 

Macy - Fake Predator

This fake hawk solves pest problems on farms, specifically voles. This idea sparked from information gathered, which showed that voles often don’t destroy crops out in fields due to predators. The Vole Vigilante was born to create the illusion of a predator, with multiple features to scare off the voles. 

These features include hawk sounds, movable wings, a movable head, feathers, and other artistic designs to replicate the look of a red-tailed hawk(commonly seen in Massachusetts). With all these features, the Vole Vigilante will scare off the voles, similarly to a scarecrow. This project is intended to help Land Sakes Farm. Recently they have had vole problems inside of their high tunnels. The Vole Vigilante will help save the farm: time, money, and crops.