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Oliver Thode
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Messaging Alert Device

Jake Cowen-Whitman and Tati Curran
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This was our first model that we used out of cardboard and cling wrap . It worked better than the glass dome because we didn’t have a top to block the fan air from escaping allowing the leaves to float. When we tried it with the glass dome the leaves didn’t float because the air couldn’t escape. Luckily we figured out that the wind from the fan had to have some sort of opening on the sculpture so that air can leave, so we created a 3d modal on rhino so that the dome can slide in the ring. After we made it it worked just as well.

Our project started with an idea to make getting notifactions from your phone easier. My parnter and I had the idea to connect an iphone to bluetooth and link it with a light on a chair. We decided to pivet our idea to make it more interactive. We started with the idea of a vertex used to make water tornados, neitherless we got a fan and went to work. Our first model had a big flat base with just a fan, the problem with this design was the piece of paper we used to float would get stuck and clog up the fan. Also the base was to big and the glass case didnt have any venting so the air had no where to go. Our second model we improved by adding a vetting system ontop of the fan, like a grate, to stop any pieces of paper from falling down. My parnter and I also designed the entire model to be smaller. 

  • Our project is the Messgaing Alert Device 
  • The problem we are sloving is to help with being alerted to when you have a text or someone is calling you, without having to carry around your phone with you around the house.
  • Wiht the messaging alert device you are able to leave your phone on a charing pad, when you a get your phone will vibrate which will send a signal to our alert model. This model is an interactive way to alert you, it a small vortex that creates a small wind tornado with either, leaves, flower pedals or snow. 
  • The design of our project was based off a wind turbin and a large water vortex machine. My partner and I developed a smaller version of a wind turbine. 
  • We relized further into our design that we needed a fliter and a vent to help the leaves blow more freely. We were able to produce a 3D printed vet and filter to alow air to vent through and help create the tornado we needed.
  • The major complucation that we had was figuring out the venting 


Dylan Norris and Marco Fubini
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  • First Slide general Context: Many Americans are living in small apartments like the one shown above, so cramped that its unlikly they will have space for any furniture, and if they do have furniture they have no space for activitys. 
  • third slide so our problem is to create a cheap versatile and storable  alternative to normal furniture, and our solution was to take a ottoman for Ikea and mutate the producaut to become  a foldable ottoman that connects to form two chairs a couch. 
  • Precedents. here you can see the Ikea ottoman named the PÖANG, we liked this ottoman because of its slim frame which would lead to easy storage and its comfortable cushion, but sadly it had no back support and so we looked into chair (Switch Slides) Now at a chair we saw an obvious flaw, being that only one person could sit on it at a time. So we decided to  create a piece that would solve of these issues and still be cheap. 
  • Iterations 1. Our first iteration is a ottoman that when activated would have half of it raise up and be a chair back, we went away from this because we didn't want to have to cut into an existing ottoman, 
  • Iteration 2 was a wooden ottoman with foldable back flaps that came up from behind that would snap into place become the back of the chair. We didn't like it because of the way to bring the chair back up because our use of springs proved to be unwieldy
  • Iteration 3 Here we were looking into the connection piece between the ottomans to form the couch, we started with this simple piece here that would fit on the legs like a skirt and hold the legs in place.
  • Iteration 4. our final version of the leg connection was a latch system that would have two mounts on either chair and would be pinned together with a dowel. 
  • Construction diagram, This diagram can help outline the use of the drop leaf hinges and show what the chair will look like connected.
  • Use Diagram, her shows the motion of the hinges and what the ottoman will look like when it is the downward position.
  • Here are our final images Showing the ottomans when they need to be stored in chair form and in couch form. 

The Brief

Mathew Paul

We made a table that lets two people in any location play chess together using physical pieces. 

We wanted to make a device that let people around the world play games together. Games are a fun way to spend time with another person. Often people play games with people in different locations online. We think that the physicals pieces in games often add to the experience, and we wanted people to be able to use physicals pieces even when playing with people in the different location.

We used two laptop stands to make glass chess boards. The chess tables would be put in different locations. The tables can communicate with each other so that the player can see the move of their opponent at the other table. There would be one set of physical pieces and one set of projected pieces. You can move the physical pieces, and the tables would take a picture and project it on the other table. This is an easy and intuitive way to play chess with people around the world.



The Brief

Marco Fubini

  In many small studio apartments, people don't have the space or money to afford multiple chairs. In this project, we add onto a simple IKEA ottoman, and make it able to convert between a simple ottoman, a table, and a full chair. 
 Living in a studio apartment requires you to make decisions on how you want to fill the small amount of space you have. One of the most common problems studio apartment owners have is making room for their chair, their coffee table, extra chairs for when guests visit, and being able to put the furniture away when it is no longer needed. With all of these needs in mind, people normally buy one chair, a coffee table, a sofa, and a normal footstool. However, while you could fit all of this furniture into a house, but in a studio apartment, every inch of space matters to keep the room from looking like a cluttered mess. With this necessity in mind, me and my partner came up with the idea of making a price of furniture as small as a ottoman, while also having multiple uses. However, this ottoman would cost half as much as a full chair, and at half the size. 
  With both compact ability  and cost in mind, we created a convertible piece of furniture, which has all the needs of a small studio apartment. By simply connecting a second ottoman seat to the back of the footstool, you are able to lift the back to change it to whatever you need. While the back is down, you have a flat, stable coffee table. At 45 degrees, the ottoman returns to its original function of being a footrest, with the addition of a pillow above your feet to add to the comfortability. Finally, at a full 90 degrees, the furniture becomes a chair. With multiple ottomans, you can also connect them, making them into a sofa. By simply latching one onto the other, they will stay connected as long as you need, and then just release the latch once you are done. As well, multiple ottomans stack onto one another easily, and can be put into the corner or in a closet when you need more space. With the cost of a small ottoman, and the functionality of a chair, table and sofa, the ottoman would be a benefit to any small apartment owners.

Message alert

Tati Curran

My partner and my project is a system that sends you an alert around your house to show that you got a text. This is helpful for when you leave your Phone for when you are trying to charge it. This allows you to know that someone is trying to reach you as your charging it, instead of not realizeing untill you get back to your phone. the device will know you got a txt when your fone vibrates on a platform, this would be a shelf next to an outlet. and then why want to uses a dome like decor that you can put anywhere you want and as many as you want and we would put leaces that we will creat and when someone txt you the sencor to the shelf will tell a fan inside of decor to work and the leaves will float and spin around and look like a storm.