Studio Overview

Joselyn McDonald

Session 3: Aug 8-19, 2022

Speed your way through this studio by designing, building and reimagining the future of personalized mobility. What will vehicles look like in the far future? What will the systems that support these vehicles look like? In this studio, students will be constructing sci-fi and futuristic vehicles of their imagination while learning about renewable energy systems such as solar, hydro and wind power. They will imagine the systems and infrastructure that will change the way vehicles move, how they are designed, and who they will transport, and then design new modes of transportation based on their imaginations.

Students will experience the hands-on joy of illustrative design, as well as building circuits, learning about motors, batteries, engines, radio signals, types of chassis and wheels, before applying a custom paint job for the finishing touch. You'll be pushing your vehicle to the creative limit with an innovative and unusual design! Then it’s off to the final exhibition where the vehicles will face-off in the future world of Transitopia!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:





3D Modeling

Sensors & Actuators