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The Basics of the Slide Editor

The Slide Editor is a powerful tool used to create and edit presentations. It can be reached through the Editor Button when making a new post, or by clicking the gear above a post, then selecting Edit Presentation, if a post already has a presentation. When the tool opens, on the left hand side of the screen there will be a variety of tools. Hovering over a tool will highlight it and show the name. 

Follow the steps in the video to log into the website for the first time.

  1. Go to your school's domain, such as https://cambridge.nuvustudio.com.
  2. Go to the top right corner of the page and click on Login.
  3. Click on Reset Password, enter your Email and click Send Password Reset Link.
  4. Go to the email you entered in the previous step and look for an email from NuVu with the subject line: "NuVu Password Reset Instructions". Open up this email and click on the pink button titled: Reset your Password.
  5. Follow the link from Reset your Password. Enter a new password once, and then again to confirm. Afterwards, click Update Password to finalize your new password. You'll be automatically logged in.