School-Level Settings

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Administrators can edit schools settings at a global level, changing much of the configurations inside. There are 5 main sections that this guide will go over, each with their own individual options. Throughout the school settings, many of the options contain a ? next to the input area. Hovering over the ? will explain what the section is for. 


Full Name of School

A place to enter the full name of your school. Ex: Cambridge School for Innovation.


The prefix to your website's domain. [subdomain] Ex:

Custom Domain

By Default, Who Can See Posts

Use this option to set school wide default options for posts. 

Radio Buttons

Each of these radio buttons contains a ? to explain itself. In order:

NuVuX School: Is this a NuVuX School?

Allow Search Engines to index the school?: Used for opting into/out of search engine indexing.

Uses transcript feature: Does this school use the transcript feature? See our transcript sections of the documentation for more information.

Uses camera feature: Does this school use the camera feature? Camera feature allows you to select images from uploads for posts

Camera Sync Key

Your unique key ID to sync up with your school's camera.


What's Shown First on Explore Page?

Use this option to choose what is shown on your explore page. Choose between: Projects, Studios and Users.

Color Code

Decides your School's unique color. This is used in a variety of styling choices across your school's site, including the top bar.

Alternate X Label

The next few options all change all aspects of one word or concept on the site to another. This guide will talk about one example, but will not explain all four. 

For Studios: The platform refers to the basic course unit as a 'Studio' use this option to change to an alternate name. Ex: 'Course'

Logo Image

Upload an image to this section to change your school's logo. Located in the top left of the site. 


Each of the three tags Studio, Project and User provide tagging options for their respective aspect of the site. The Cambridge NuVu site uses a variety of tags for greater clarification on Studios, Projects and Users. Types of tags can also be added, as seen in the image above, the Cambridge NuVu school contains tags such as Term, Focus and Methodology to greater refine tagging on the site.

Tab Templates

Tab Templates

Templates provide a starting point for studios. When a staff member creates a new studio, they are able to select from available templates to auto-create tabs for that studio. This is useful for quickly getting a studio up and running


Each School has a unique grading structure. Our Grading Tab lets you create a grading schema through a unique number of options. Through selections such as Skill Categories, Skill Category Names, Levels of Mastery and Skills custom grading for your school is highly streamlined